Prodigal Hearts

In the aftermath of an accident that took the life of his best friend, firefighter Sam Kendrick has walked away from the faith he was raised in. Even though he wasn’t the one who had been driving, he blames himself for the tragedy – but he also blames God. Why had the Almighty left him alive to suffer the nightmares and flashbacks?

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When we experience something painful, it may seem as though God doesn’t care, that He’s turned His back on us…


so we
justify turning
our backs
on Him.


But God is there.
Right in the middle
of the situation,
no matter what it is.


He loves you.
He sees your tears
and cries with you.
And He will restore you.


I’m a Christian author who writes novels featuring First Responders – those who stand on the thin red line as well as on the thin blue line. I infuse my faith into my stories (sometimes subtly, sometimes more overtly) as a way of honoring the One who gave me my talent with words to begin with. Without Him, I am nothing.

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