Prodigal Hearts

In the aftermath of an accident that took the life of his best friend, firefighter Sam Kendrick has walked away from the faith he was raised in. Even though he wasn’t the one who had been driving, he blames himself for the tragedy – but he also blames God. Why had the Almighty left him alive to suffer the nightmares and flashbacks?

Boutique owner Stephanie Williams has also turned away from her faith. Why should she worship a God who did nothing to protect her from an assault that almost killed her? Where was the divine protection she had been told was hers as a child of God? Where exactly had He been that night – and for that matter, where was He now?

Stephanie’s sister Lindsay, a teenager with pronounced matchmaking tendencies, is determined to see her sister and the “hot” new neighbor heal – together. Even though Sam isn’t interested in a romantic entanglement. And even though Stephanie has made it clear it’s not on her bucket list, either.

Sam’s ex-fiancee, Jennifer Reid, has plans of her own. Plans that include Sam. Different plans that include Stephanie. Because even though she no longer wants Sam unless she can’t have anyone else, she doesn’t want Stephanie to have him, either.

As Sam and Stephanie slowly find their way into each other’s hearts and the scars of the past begin to heal, will their fledgling relationship survive Jennifer’s increasing aggressiveness? And can they also learn to trust again in the One who loves them both?